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IT Support

We provide "hand-to-lend" for clients not employing an IT specialist or to clients in need of specific services in IT not covered normally by the local IT.

We're covering Windows and Linux, also RouterOS and SwOS from Mikrotik, ios from Cisco and others...


LAN and WAN services, including VPNs based on Cisco and Mikrotik hardware or with OpenVPN

Integrating Windows Domain Services and Samba on Linux, with customized GPOs


Helping with management and any other management related actities in your comnay.


Large and sparse area WiFi installations.

We're installing price competitive WiFi networks with secured VLANS and Guest access.

Servers and Sysadmin

Sysadmin services for managing Widows and Linux services.

We're favoring Arch Linux, but offer support for Centos/Debian/Ubuntu and others.

Windows 2012r2 to 2019 is on our support list, but you might want to talk with us about Samba and Linux, it's way more cheaper to operate.

IT hardware

We'll support you in selecting the right hardware for your needs not only in IT, but we can also help with access control, security and CCTV systems.

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